Garrison and the Yeti


Concept art for my children’s book I’m working on Garrison the Stronghold. Just having fun coming up with different vignettes and we’ll see what makes it’s way into the story. Started the script at the end of January. This was actually all done on the iPad Pro as well, I don’t always work on that device but since it’s new I’ve been experimenting a lot on it.

Art Coming Soon!

With the many years working in the creative field I haven’t had a reasonable portfolio or website up to share my work in a very long time. This year, I’m making a new commitment to firing up at least a blog, and posting new art regularly and a number of other thoughts around the creative space. I’m hoping you will join me in my journey in art this coming year, my hope is to share and grow by sharing regularly. I’ll be kicking it off this first week of February. Keep Creating! – WEGJ