Spider-Man at The Block in Anaheim 2013


Sitting at the Starbucks at the Block in Anaheim at the beginning of Leah and I’s epic trip through SoCal then Las Vegas in 2013. This outdoor mall had palm trees and billboards including the new Man of Steel movie billboard. It’s always fun to draw your surroundings to get your creativity going. – The original sketch below, then inked and colored in Procreate on iPad Pro. 

Digital Inks in Procreate on iPad Pro


Original Sketch from late Spring 2013

Watch the process.

Garrison and the Yeti


Concept art for my children’s book I’m working on Garrison the Stronghold. Just having fun coming up with different vignettes and we’ll see what makes it’s way into the story. Started the script at the end of January. This was actually all done on the iPad Pro as well, I don’t always work on that device but since it’s new I’ve been experimenting a lot on it.